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khoji.law matches the needs of recently qualified lawyers who are on the threshold of their careers with those of in-house counsel, lawyers, private practices, organisations and government institutions who are looking for high-quality legal research

Our Mission

Become a leading legal research organization dedicated to advancing, applying and facilitating high standards of legal research for a wide variety of audiences within the legal and corporate sectors.

Be committed to establishing and developing research relationships with the corporate sector, governments, practicing lawyers, institutions nationally and internationally.

Ensure that our team develops the knowledge, skills and values that are at the heart of becoming trusted, ethical, highly adept, professional lawyers who are respected for serving clients, their communities, and justice.

Not to hold on to talent but to polish it and set it free, in line with our philosophy of ‘paying it forward’.

Encourage the philosophy of ‘paying it forward’ so that more and more law graduates receive support from the industry, corporates, governments and others who have a stake in the future generations.

Our Founder

Shivpriya Nanda has over 30 years of experience as a Litigator, a Partner and Joint Managing Partner of JSA, a top tier law firm. She has trained several younger colleagues over the years, many of whom are now well-regarded law firm partners themselves or General Counsel. She founded khoji.law to provide a nurturing ground for recently qualified law graduates who have not been able to find regular placements because of tough economic conditions.
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Our Researchers

Our researchers are talented fresh law graduates who are raring to go and are unstoppable in their desire to learn and serve those who reach out to them. In keeping with our name 'khoji' or 'one who finds', our researchers use technology, legal skills and networks to find solutions for our clients. Decoding difficult and complex issues, and continuous learning is what motivates our researchers.
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Our Clients

Our clients are an exceptional set of organisations and people who believe in paying it forward. They believe they are the trustees of the future generations and want to provide our researchers with opportunities to learn and serve. Our clients are an intrinsic part of the synergistic whole that is khoji.law.
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