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No. Your library is private and only you can view all your questions raised along with their answers unless you permit sharing them with other Clients/prospective clients/ visitors.
Our Public library is open to all (including non-members). No Client opinion/research work are shared except if permitted by a Client. You are also free to contribute any material that you may wish to.
You will not be able to speak directly with the researcher. However, each researcher has a unique code number and should you wish to give feedback to a researcher or hire any of our researchers please write to [email protected]
Khoji.law has been founded with an aim to nurture recently qualified law graduates who have not been able to find regular placements due to tough economic conditions. We will be delighted if the experience with Khoji.law translates into a job opportunity for our lawyers/interns/researchers.
Your data and any sensitive information is safe with us. We have signed a confidentiality agreement with our researchers and hence our researchers/lawyers and interns are duty-bound to keep your information confidential at all times. You are also free to mask any names and identities in your questions.
A copy of the opinion will be mailed to you at the contact id provided by you.