Client Information

  • We at Khoji.law welcome to our shared journey of collaborating to create an innovative legal research organization which helps newly qualified lawyers to work on exciting and challenging legal questions. Khoji.law works as a holding place for twelve to eighteen months for these lawyer researchers who have not been able to find placements after graduation because of the difficult macro-economic environment. The aim is that these lawyer researchers can continue to learn and train while contributing to legal research requirements of our clients. The opinions provided by our researchers should not be considered as substitutes for detailed legal opinions that you may require.
  • At Khoji.law we have especially curated a private library which can be visited by our clients at any time. All queries and opinions previously generated are only available to the client and that too for posterity addressing the need of loss of data which clients frequently face due to movement of people. The clients can also keep a tab of all monetary contributions made to Khoji.law.
  • There is an in-built “Make it Public” tab in your Private library. You may choose to share your queries and our legal research, which may then be placed in the “Public library” accessible to all visitors to our website. The more you ‘share’, the more knowledge you exchange. You will also get to view other Client queries and legal opinions.
  • You can also mask any name/identity in your query, which you wish to keep completely confidential.
  • There may be a commonality on the points of law and opinions drafted by Khoji.law. This is because another Client may have asked similar or same questions.
  • We hope that the value you get from Khoji.law will encourage you to contribute. As of now all contributions are voluntary, however these contributions do help us in engaging more lawyer researchers and investing in new technologies. As our collaborators, we hope that you will keep our philosophy of “paying it forward’ energized. To help you make the decisions we have given you some suggested contribution models here.
  • You also have the option of sponsoring a researcher should you wish to do the same.
  • We do not have a "no poaching policy" and will be absolutely delighted should you want to engage any of our lawyer researchers.